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Vacuums for the Construction Industry

The Dustcontrol construction dust extractors allows you to get rid of or capture hazardous substances such as quartz. We offer a five year guarantee on construction dust extractors.*
Are you looking for a construction dust extractor with big wheels that can easily move around the construction site? Are you looking for an extra-long hose to attach to the construction dust extractor? Do you want to link your tools to the construction dust extractor? Are you tired of expensive dust bags? Then go for Dustcontrol compact dust extraction with synthetic bags. The unique cyclone technology and reverse pulse cleaning system ensure that your filters don’t get blocked and makes them low maintenance. Dustcontrol construction dust extractors: the number 1 on the market. All our mobile dust extractors are class-A certified by Arbouw and TNO and authorized by Inspection Social Affairs and Employment (Inspectie SZW).
Your vacuum will pay for itself within a year.

Easily working dust free

Working dust free is a lot easier than you might think and it really doesn’t have to mean a big investment. Our dust adaptors are smart and affordable solutions in the battle against dust. We would love to help you work responsibly and dust free.
* ask us about the terms and conditions


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