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Automotive Extraction Arm Super-Max

Type Item no.  100 mm Item no.   125 mm Item no. 160 mm Item no.  200 mm
Super-Max 1,5 m (0,25 m+1,5 m) with wall bracket P-068 P-075 P-112 P-292
Super-Max 2 m (0,5 m+1,5 m) with wall bracket P-123 P-076 P-113 P-293
Super-Max 2,2 m (0,25 m+2 m) with wall bracket P-070 P-077 P-114 P-294
Super-Max 2,5 m (0,5 m+2 m) with wall bracket P-124 P-078 P-115 P-295
Super-Max 3 m (0,5 m+3 m) with wall bracket P-072 P-079 P-117 P-296
Super-Max 4 m (0,5 m+0,7+1,5 m) with wall bracket P-073 P-080 P-121 P-297
Fan bracket and suction connection   P-088 P-016 P-089



Super-Max extraction arm, lengths 1.5-2-3-4 mtr. diameters Ø 100/125/160/200 mm

Fumes, gas and dust need to be able to be extracted right from the source through an extraction arm before someone breathes them in or they are spread throughout the space. This creates a better, healthier working environment, less wear for the machines and reduced cleaning costs. To achieve this, the extraction arm needs to be light and easy to use.

Plymoth is the best choice for this.

Unobstructed air flow through the hose
The Super-Max has external parallelogram support for lower air resistance, this means:

  • Better suction for each ventilator
  • Low sound level
  • No pollution on the carrier and hinges

Perfectly balanced
The secret is the parallelogram technology with gas springs. This allows the suction nozzle to move smoothly without losing stability. The Super-Max is very robust and has a long life span, even under difficult circumstances.

A high-quality product
The Super−Max is a high-quality extraction arm. The long steel nozzle is spark, chemical and heat resistant. The nozzle is equipped with a shut-off valve. The hose is smooth on the inside and has a very long life span. All metal parts have been cut with a high precision laser.

Patented extraction nozzle
The extraction nozzle can be turned more than 110° in any direction whilst staying in the chosen position. The flange edges at the front of the nozzle produce the perfect level of suction: the reach of the suction is increased without obstructing the view of your work.

Product leaflet Plymoth Super-Max