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Aviation Plymoth Oil Mist Mobi-oil, NX, FLX

FLX & NX emulsion and oil mist separator

Description Item no.
FLX- 600 ~3/0,75 kW / 400V/50Hz P-268
FLX-1100 ~3/0.75kW / 400V/50Hz P-269
NX- 400 ~1/0,37 kW / 230V/50Hz P-588
NX- 400 ~3/0,37 kW / 400V/50Hz P-590
NX- 600 ~1/0,75 kW / 230V/50Hz P-592
NX- 600 ~3/0,75 kW / 400V/50Hz P-594


Mobi-oil 2/3 mtr

Description Item no.
Mobi – Oil 230V/0,75kW/50Hz 4mtr, Cable HEPA P-063
Mobi – Oil 400V/0,75kW/50Hz 4mtr, Cable HEPA P-604
Flexi oil mist extractor arm 2 mtr, With flange and valve P-606
Flexi oil mist extractor arm 3 mtr, With flange and valve P-607


Accessories Item no.
Twister Metal Filter voor de FLX-600 P-307
 Twister Metal Filter voor de FLX-1100 P-308
 Labyrinth separator voor de FLX-600 P-310
 Labyrinth separator voor de FLX-1100 P-311
 Filter mat voor de FLX-600 (set of 10 pcs.) P-313
 Filter mat EU-5 voor de FLX-1100 (set of 10 pcs.) P-314
 Hepa-filter (99.99%) for the FLX-600 P-316
 Hepa-filter (99.99%) for the FLX-1100 P-317
 HEPA filter NX 400 P-595
 HEPA filter NX 600 / Mobi-oil P-596
 Filter cassette NX 400 (3 + 3 m2) P-599
 Filter cassette NX 600 (4,5 + 4,5 m2) / Mobi-oil P-600


Oil and emulsion mist extraction

Oil and emulsion filter
The NX mechanical oil mist filter is designed to extract oil and emulsion mist that arises when turning, drilling, sawing, punching, cutting etc. Your workshop will stay free of oil mist so the work space stays cleaner and healthier. With the HEPA filter (accessory) the filtration efficiency goes up to over 99.99% . The air can be recirculated safely which leads to a significant decrease in heating costs. The FLX and Mobi-oil always come with a HEPA filter.

Mountable onto the machine directly
The FLX and NX were designed to mount directly onto the machine. The unit can be installed in a way that when the machine is turned on, the filter starts up simultaneously. No complicated suction lines or electrical installations are needed for this unit. Simple and efficient.

Mobile suction
The Mobi-oil was especially designed to drain the oil mist exactly where the problem arises. This unit can easily be moved and with the extraction arm you have suction from the source at alle times.

The NX 400 has a ca. 400m³/h discharge. Dimensions: 450x450x850mm. (hxwxl).
The FLX 600 has a ca. 600m³/h discharge. Dimensions: 515x1020x435mm. (hxwxl).
The NX 600 has a ca. 600m³/h discharge. Dimensions: 510x560x850mm. (hxwxl).
The FLX 1100 has a ca. 1.100 m³/h discharge. Dimensions: 605x1020x515mm. (hxwxl).

Seven-step filtration
The oil/emulsion mist is efficiently filtered in 7 steps:

  • Intake chamber with pre-separator


  • Twisted metal pre-filter


  • EU-5 glasfiber filter mat


  • Labyrinth separator


  • EU-5 glasfiber filter mat


  • Twisted metal post-filter


  1. HEPA filter (for emulsion mist) or labyrinth separator and EU-7 glasfiber filter mat (for oil mist)


Filters 1, 2, 4 and 6 can be cleaned. Filters 3, 5 and 7 must be replaced when the suction capacity is decreasing. The NX and the Mobi-oil combine steps 3, 5, and 6.

Collected FLX liquid
The collected liquid is drained through a pipe in the bottom at the front of the FLX filter and can be returned to the machine tool through a hose. This way you also save on cooling agent and lubricant.

Collected NX Mobi-oil and NX liquid
For the Mobi-oil the liquid will be collected in 2 containers underneath the unit. The NX does not have a collection mechanism; the liquid will flow back into the machine.

Product leaflet Plymoth Metaal Olienevel Mobi-oil, NX, FLX