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As an environmental company, we have a special responsibility as to how our products and services affect the environment – both the external environment, our own working environment and that of our customers. We want to take responsibility for the environment as a whole. We therefore strive to comply with current environmental legislation and constantly to improve our own environmental work.

It is our responsibility to ensure that all employees are well qualified in environmental issues. We work to identify environmentally friendly modes of transport and company vehicles, and we minimise and separate at source the quantity of waste that arises in conjunction with manufacturing.

We monitor our entire production cycle, and we endeavour to make continuous improvements by finding environmentally friendly alternatives wherever possible. This can include anything from the use of environmentally friendly containers and packaging, to ensuring that our waste sacks are biodegradable. We use a method of powder coating that is free from solvents and minimises waste.

We adhere closely to the EU Reach and RoHS directives in order to reduce our use of chemicals to a minimum. We source only locally produced products for use in our own manufacturing operation in order to minimise freight costs and reduce CO2 emissions. We also operate with Lean Production partners so as to achieve the best possible process flow associated with efficient utilisation of resources and reduced lead times.

“Healthy air in every working environment is an approach that permeates our entire business. For us at Dust Solutions, this means: sustainability, cost effectiveness, effective solutions, physical health and a safe working environment

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