Covid Air Purifier GermCube UVC-D Series with Ultraviolet Light

10 times more efficient in cleaning the air around the table than just having a filter unit. GermCubes UVC-D Series filters all air in the room 6 times an hour and the air above and around the table 60 times an hour! The amount of viruses and bacteria in the room decreases by 98-99% and around the table by more than 99.995%. A Clean Air Zone is created around the people sitting at the table. By simply having a normal conversation, the virus and bacteria remain in the air for a long time. This can transmit serious colds and the Corona virus. The Dust Solutions GermCube reduces that risk. The zone over and around a table for 6 people is about 10m3. This means that the air is completely refreshed every minute with the GermCube 700 UVC-D. The risk of infection with viruses and bacteria will be considerably reduced. The effectiveness of the specially developed GermCube Hood stems from the combination of laminar and temperature-controlled airflow. The air is extracted close to the floor where the temperature is somewhat lower than at the level where the hood allows the cleaned air to flow outside. The cleaned air is distributed over the table because of the fan in the GermCube and because the colder air tends to descend.

The GermCube models are designed with a 5-stage filter system:

  1. Inlet pre-filter at the bottom of the GermCube, for larger particles. Washable aluminium mesh.
  2. F5 Prefilter. Allows the HEPA 14 filter to last longer.
  3. HEPA 14 filter with more than 99.995% efficiency. With certificate and leakage test.
  4. Exhaust filter in the upper part of the GermCube.
  5. Washable aluminium mesh.

The GermCubes 700 UVC-R are distributed in different models:

Meeting Room Corona, Covid 19
Covid Luchtreiniger GermCube700
Covid Luchtreiniger GermCube700
GermCube_Deffusion Hood_HEPA 14
GermCube_Deffusion Hood_HEPA 14
Model: GermCube 700 UVC-R with Ultraviolet
Dimensions (mm) WxDxH 520x580z1065
Electricity (V/Fase/Hz) 220/1/50
Sound level 30-59 dB/A
Filter HEPA 14
Surface area Hepa Filter 8 m2
Speed: Frequency controller


Made in Sweden by Plymoth