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Source extraction with the help of Dustcontrol extractor installations and vacuums

The Dustcontrol central extraction systems and vacuums will allow your employees to easily clean their work space and to keep it clean. Cleaning will actually become fun if you use the right equipment. In laboratories, people use fume hoods. A fume hood is an extracted work place where the source of the substances is under the hood and the employee is not. A window prevents any splash back.

Localized extraction with the help of Plymoth extractor arms

Fumes and gases can spread through a space relatively quickly when manufacturing chemical and pharmaceutical products. Particulates and aerosols (very small droplets of liquid or solid particles floating in the air) can also contaminate the air. Through localized extraction and ventilation the concentration of this pollution can be reduced. Localized extraction allows gases, fumes, particulates and aerosols to be extracted from as closely to the source as possible. The localized extraction takes place between where the dust is released and where the employee inhales it. The air stream can be disrupted by sudden movements and heat sources. Most gases and fumes are also heavier than air, which makes them sink. To prevent these disruptions, the rule of thumb is that the distance between the source and the localized extraction should not be more than the diameter of the opening of the localized extractor.

Extraction with the help of a Sult cartridge filter

It is also possible to ventilate the entire space. This is called “Room ventilation”. Each space where exposure to hazardous substances is possible, should be ventilated. This prevents a concentration of substances from accumulating in these rooms. However, it does not prevent the exposure of the employees, since the employees are usually close to the source and will breath in the substances.

Recovery of raw materials

Some raw materials in the chemistry industry can be very valuable and localized extraction can ensure the product is recovered where it would have been lost otherwise. An investment in an extraction installation will quickly pay for itself this way.

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