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Localized extraction for exhaust gases and soot with the help of the Plymoth exhaust gas reels
Exhaust gases are gases that develop in combustion engines and that are released through the exhaust of for example a vehicle. Exhaust gases are a type of vehicle emission. Exhaust gases are the most important sources of air pollution. They contain things like Sulphur dioxide (SO²) and nitrogen oxide (NO×), both of which contribute to acidification, but also the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO²). Other hazardous substances in exhaust gases are soot and particulates. The Dust Solutions exhaust gas extraction ensures that your employees are not exposed to toxic gases.
Source extraction with the help of Dust Control vacuums and vacuum installations

With the Dustcontrol central vacuum systems and vacuums, your employees can easily clean their work environment and keep it clean. Cleaning becomes fun when it is done with the right equipment. In the automotive industry, people often use suction to clean vehicles from the inside. Dust Solutions has already supplied various extraction installations for car washes that allow for multiple extraction points.

Extraction with the help of a Sult cartridge filter

It is also possible to ventilate the entire space. This is called “Room ventilation”. Each space where exposure to hazardous substances is possible, should be ventilated. This prevents a concentration of substances from accumulating in these rooms. However, it does not prevent the exposure of the employees, since the employees are usually close to the source and will breath in the substances.
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