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Extractor installations and vacuum systems for the metal industry

A clean work environment is better for the health of employees working in the laboratories industry and clean production machines increase the efficiency and productivity and lower wear and tear. Extractor installations are necessary to reduce risks such as risk of explosion. Cleaning with an extractor installation ensures that for example dust, welding fumes, chips or mist are removed and collected in a central location. Also applicable for work in the clean room. Dust Solutions offers extractor installations for the laboratories industry that are equipped with a filter and filter installations.

Cleaning with a Dustcontrol central extractor system

With the Dustcontrol central extractor systems for the metal industry, your employees can easily clean their work spaces and keep it that way. Cleaning becomes fun when you use the right equipment. Dust Solutions can advise you in choosing the right equipment.

Extractor installations equipped with cartridge filters

The upside of Sult cartridge filters in the laboratories industry in general is that you can reach a relatively large filtration surface and high degree of filtration in relatively compact housing. Dust Solutions offers all filter systems for the metal industry. The applications of these cartridge filters are infinite thanks to their modularity. There aren’t many dust-related problems that a cartridge filter can’t fix.

When turning, drilling, grinding, and sanding metal, we make use of cooling liquids of which a part is released into the air in the form of smoke or mist during the process. This significantly damages the air quality; breathing in this smoke and mist is hazardous. The solution to this problem is the Plymoth oil mist filter.
The Dust Solutions oil mist filters are connected directly to the processing machine, so the oil and emulsion fumes are extracted directly from the source. Lots of closed machines already have an extraction connection. You can choose a single filter or a central installation. We are happy to advise you.

Multiple connections and different lengths pipes

Our vacuum systems in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry can handle very long pipe lengths and distances and can be made with several connections. The dust is transported through the system with high or low under pressure (suction power) and high or low air speed from the point of extraction to the installation. The central installation consists of a filter and a fan, turbo pump or side channel pump where extraction power and capacity are adjusted to the usage. For all extractor installations, filtered air can be led back into the space (recirculation). This way, you can save on heating costs.

We are happy to advise you.