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    Extraction systems, filter installations and vacuum cleaners for industry and construction

    Dust Solutions is a dynamic and innovative company specialized in the exclusive import, distribution and installation for Dustcontrol, Plymoth and Sulp.

    The Industrial extraction systems filter installations and vacuum cleaners from Dust Solutions contribute to a clean, safe and productive working. Our wide variety of filter products and filter installations can be applied at many different applications. In addition, ATEX extraction systems filter installations and ATEX vacuum cleaners for situations where there is a risk of explosion.

    Because we use a selected network, we are available everywhere and always. This allows us to guarantee a good solution for your filter problems at a high service level. Dust Solutions has a wide product range of vacuum cleaners for construction, industrial vacuum cleaners and install complete extraction systems that complies with the strictest Health and Safety requirements, which are permitted by the SZW labour inspection and which are certified in various combinations by TNO.

    Dust Solutions also supplies and develops spray cleaning machines and rotary cleaning machines for engine parts, machine parts, DPF-cleaning (diesel filters / catalysts) with a high quality. Are you looking for clean air in your workplace? We are happy to advise you. Dust Solutions is the solution for your dust problems

    The Dust Solutions product range is very extensive from a small construction vacuum cleaner to complete dust extraction installations. Dust Solutions supply vacuum cleaners in high vacuum, but also modularly constructed high and low vacuum systems with multiple connection points. Dust Solutions extraction systems can be fitted with pipework, flap valves and sliding valves. Extraction systems from Dustcontrol are extremely suitable for Lean Production. The Green Systems will reduce your energy consumption drastically.

    Dust Solutions installations are suitable for source extraction. Dust Solutions has Dustcontrol suction casings for all brands of electric and pneumatic hand tools. We also supply all Dustcontrol accessories, including special food safety accessories. (Good for Food)

    Our low vacuum products are extremely suitable for extracting welding vapour, welding fumes, fine dust and odours. We have a variety of mobile and stationary extraction units for every application. The range of extraction arms is very spacious to offer you a tailor-made extraction system. If the arm is too short, choose our extractor cranes with arm. This prevents contamination of your workplace and ensures clean air.