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Clever in


Top loader washer DS Serie

Industrial spray wash cabinets & cleaning machines by Dust Solutions

Eco-friendly cleaning, rinsing, degreasing and phosphating with TOPFRONTWASH industrial cleaning machine or degreasing machine.

Clever in cleaning

The Top loader DS spray cleaner makes all other costly and time-consuming cleaning methods obsolete. The DS Serie has a loading basket with max. 1150 mm diameter range and is extremely suitable for cleaning parts in industrial and maintenance workshops, at minimal costs. This surprisingly effective cleaning method is made possible by a combination of spray pipes, a large amount of hot water / soap solution and rotation. This combination will clean the dirtiest objects in 5-12 minutes. This happens automatically, inside the fully closed system. The DS Series washing machine works with a closed circulation of washing fluid, in which the fluid is filtered and recycled. The washing fluid consist of 95%- 98%water and of 2%- 5%alkaline detergent. The temperature of the solution ranges from 50 to 80 degrees Celsius, dependent on how dirty the parts are.

The DS Series always comes with an oil skimmer and a load basket.

All TopFrontWash models are always equipped with high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel and energy-efficient tank isolation.

An automatic loading system is optional.

Dust Solutions industrial cleaning machines are used in a wide range of sectors:

  • Metal processing industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Engine overhaul industry
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry
  • Graphics industry
  • Defence industry
  • Transport industry
  • Railways
  • Medical industry
  • Food industry
  • Aviation
Model DS 650 DS 850 DS 100 DS 1250
Basket Diameter (mm). 550 750 900 1150
Loading Height (mm.) 250 350 450 600
Loading Capacity (kg) 150 150 300 450
Tank Capacity (lt) 60 60 80 200
Pump Pressure (bar) 2,5 2,5 2,5 3
Pump Quantity and Power 1 piece x 3,0 Hp 1 piece x 3,0 Hp 1 piece x 3,0 Hp 1 piece x 3,0 Hp
Heater (Kw) 5 7,5 7,5 15
Electricity (V/Phase/Hz) 230-380-415/3-1/50-60 230-380-415/3-1/50-60 230-380-415/3-1/50-60 230-380-415/3-1/50-60
Process Timer (min.) 0-30 0-90 0-90 0-90
Working Temperature 0-90°C 0-90°C 0-90°C 0-90°C
Loading Vehicle Not avaiable Not avaiable Standard Standard
Rotary Basket Standard Standard Standard Standard
Oil Skimmer not available not available Standard Standard
AISI 430 Stainless Steel Body standard standard standard standard
AISI 304 Stainless Steel Body optional optional optional optional
AISI 316 Stainless Steel Body not available optional optional optional
Packing Size and Weight (mm / Kg) 920 x 820 x 1200 150 Kg 1260 x 950 x1300 230 Kg 1450 x 1080 x1340 300 Kg 1750 x 1310 x1650 440 Kg
DS 650
DS 1000 Industriële Reinigingsmachine
Industriële reiningsmachine DS 1250