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Dust Solutions provides solutions for your exhaust fumes that ensure clean air in the workshop.
During the combustion process of diesel and petrol in vehicles, a mixture of toxic particles and gases is released. This exhaust is dangerous and poses a great risk to health and is carcinogenic for the people who have to deal with it. It is very important for a healthy and safe working environment to ensure that these risks are reduced. Various measures can be taken to achieve this.
Since the government put the Working Conditions Act into effect, every employer is obliged to create a safe and healthy working environment for his employees.
It is desirable to exhaust directly at the source so that the harmful gases cannot spread in the workshop.
Dust Solutions systems ensure effective exhaust extraction and controlled disposal. This reduces the risks in the workshops to a minimum.


Reels are the best solution for workshops with high ceilings. The reels can be mechanical, motor or spring-operated. The DS reels can be operated manually or via remote control.


Systems for all types of workshops, easy to handle. Consisting of a rail system extended with an extraction system with high extraction capacity. Rail systems are the ideal solution for multiple or flexible workplaces because the extraction units are easy to move.


A Trolly is a mobile exhaust extractor that is easy to move around your workshop.
The advantage of a Trolly is that you can use the unit at different workplaces.
You can extract up to two vehicles with this single fan and safely evacuate the harmful gases over a distance of 10 metres.

The DS Trolly is the ideal solution for small workshops.