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Aviation Extractor Arm Super P

TypeStraight 110 mm67° 110 mm150° 110 mmNozzle 160 mm
Super-P 1.5 m (0.25 m+1.5 m). synthetic coatingP-349P-355P-361P-184
Super-P 1 m (0.5 m+1.5 m). synthetic coatingP-350P-356P-362P-185
Super-P 2.2 m (0.25 m+2 m). synthetic coatingP-351P-357P-363P-186
Super-P 2.5 m (0.5 m+2 m). synthetic coatingP-352P-358P-364P-187
Super-P 3 m (0.5 m+3 m). synthetic coatingP-353P-359P-365P-188
Super-P 4 m (0.5 m+0.6 m+3 m). synthetic coatingP-354P-360P-366P-189
Afsluitklep. luchtdicht synthetic coatingP-486P-485P-485P-487

For images of the different editions: have a look at the product leaflet at the bottom of the description.


Super-P extractor arm with synthetic coating lengths 1.5-2-3-4 mtr. diameters Ø 110-160 mm

Fumes, gas and dust need to be able to be extracted right from the source through an extraction arm before someone breathes them in or they are spread throughout the space. This creates a better, healthier working environment, less wear for the machines and reduced cleaning costs. To achieve this, the extraction arm needs to be light and easy to use.

Plymoth is the best choice for this.

Pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry
The Super-P was developed to use with weighing, filling, mixing, emptying, packaging etc. The Super-P has a synthetic coating for high corrosion resistance. This allows the arm to be used in surroundings where there are high standards due to the substances and fumes that need to be extracted. The arm is also more suitable for e.g. laboratories and pharmaceuticals thanks to the white synthetic coating

The nozzle is the secret behind the efficiency
The nozzles were developed in collaboration with one of the largest companies in the chemicals industry. The straight nozzle is intended for dust, the 67° mondstuk for fumes and the 150° nozzle is for gasses. The 150° creates a tornado effect: it improves the width and depth for optimal suction.

The hose
The hose (diameter Ø 160 mm.) and the nozzle are intended for applications where a extraction range of 800‑1200 m3/h. is needed. The ends of the hoses are closed for maximum hygiene.

Perfectly balanced
The external parallelogram support with gas springs ensures that the nozzle is light and easy to use, but still remains stable.

Product leaflet Plymoth Super P