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DC Storm LPG C/L

Specificaties DC Storm LPG
HxBxL mm 1800 x 790 x 1600
Mass 375 kg
Inlet / Outlet Ø 76 mm
Hose Length 5-25 m
Max negative pressure 30 kPa
Max Air Flow 820 m³/uur
Power 21 PK
Separation Rate HEPA filter H13 99,995%
Capacity 20L / Longopack
Sound 79 dB (A)

The DC Storm LPG c/L enables effective cleaning without electricity. With a nominal airflow of 820m3/h, this unit has the same capacity as its electric counterparts.
The machine is equipped with a propane-driven 21hp engine that can operate continuously for up to 8 hours on a full tank. Some of the technical features include a three-way catalytic muffler, O2 and exhaust sensors coupled with an automatic shutdown unit. Additional features of the unit include a pair of movable LED working lights (24 W) and a pair of USB charging ports for mobile devices (1 A / 2.1 A).

The Storm LPG is designed for use with large floor sanders/polishers and in cases where large amounts of dust or chips need to be extracted. It is important to note that this unit is built for outdoor use and may only be used indoors when adequate air ventilation is provided. Please contact us for further information.

The unit’s chassis has integrated fork pockets for use with a forklift truck for easy loading and moving when the wheels are not in use.