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DC Tromb 400 Twin L Industry

Specification DC Tromb Turbo L
HxBxL mm 1390 x 600 x 840
Mass 88 kg
Inlet / Outlet Ø 76 mm
Hose Length 5-25 m
Max negative pressure 28 kPa
Max Airflow 260 m³/uur
Power 2,2 kW, 400 V
Filter Area fine filter, 2,5 m²
Separation Rate fine filter 99,9%
Separation Rate HEPA filter H13 99,995%
Filter Area HEPA filter 2,2 m²
Storage capacity 40 L
Sound 72 dB (A)

DC Tromb 400 Turbo L, Powerful 400V Vacuum Cleaner with H13 Filter

The DC Tromb Turbo is a medium-sized vacuum cleaner that expands the Tromb family. Because it is equipped with a powerful three-phase motor, it is suitable for longer hoses (up to 20 m), heavy-duty cleaning (38 mm accessories) and for source capture from medium-sized power tools such as grinders, rotary hammers and saws. Thanks to the high cyclone, large filters and powerful motor package, it can handle large amounts of dirt.

The dust is collected in the filter unit in two stages. Through the cyclone effect of the filter unit, dust particles with a particle size of at least 10 μm are separated. The dust is then filtered through a cartridge filter. The remaining very fine dust, if any, is separated using a Hepa H13 filter with a dust separation efficiency of 99.997%.

The filter unit is automatically cleaned using the so-called reverse-pulse system. The conical shape of the filters and this highly effective cleaning method guarantee a long filter life. The separated material is collected in a steel container. The filters can be changed dust-free.

The DC Tromb Turbo is also available with a frequency converter (VFD). This model has approximately 50% more filter surface area on the HEPA filter than its predecessor (5% more filter surface area for the fine filter). New safety features such as overheating protection have been added. With semi-automatic filter cleaning and a quick filter change coupling, this machine gets the job done.

The DC Turbo comes with the following as standard:

Suction hose set, 5 m (Ø50 mm /2″) and 2 m (Ø38 mm /1.5″), (2125)
Floor nozzle 450 mm (7236)
Suction tube (Ø50 mm) (7257)
Connection sleeve (2114)
Coupling sleeve (2107)
Fine filter, polyester (44017)
HEPA H13 filter (44016)
* The VFD model has a 5m hose (part no. 2028)!