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Explosion safe Extractor Arm Super-PM ATEX

Super-PM compleet with wall console. stainless steel nozzle. PVC hose. electricity conductive. resistance 10⁴ Ohm

Type Straight  Ø 110 mm 150º  Ø 110 mm 67º Ø 110 mm Nozzle  Ø 160 mm
Super-PM 1.5 m (0.25 m+1.5 m) P-367 P-373 P-379 P-385
Super-PM 2 m (0.5 m+1.5 m) P-368 P-374 P-380 P-386
Super-PM 2.2 m (0.25 m+2 m) P-369 P-375 P-381 P-387
Super-PM 2.5m (0.5 m+2 m) P-370 P-376 P-382 P-388
Super-PM 3 m (0.5 m+3 m) P-371 P-377 P-383 P-389
Super-PM 4 m (0.5 m+0.6 m+3 m) P-372 P-378 P-384 P-390
Stainless Steel Shut-Off Valve P-483 P-482 P-482 P-484

For images of the different versions: see the product leaflet at the bottom of the description.


Super-PM ATEX • Galvanized steel extractor arm with stainless steel extraction nozzle, lengths 1.5 – 4 meters in diameters Ø 110-160 mm

Fumes, gas and dust need to be able to be extracted right from the source through an extraction arm before someone breathes them in or they are spread throughout the space. This creates a better, healthier working environment, less wear for the machines as well as reduced cleaning costs. To achieve this, the extraction arm needs to be light and easy to use.

Plymoth is the best choice for this.

Pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry
The Super-PM was made to meet the highest standards in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. The metal parallelogram is made of galvanized steel for high resistance against humidity and aggressive substances.

The nozzle is the secret behind the efficiency
The nozzles were developed in conjunction with one of the largest companies in the chemical industry. The 150° nozzle is for gas. This nozzle develops a tornado effect: it improves the width and depth working for optimal suction.

Most important characteristics:

  • The extraction arm is suitable for areas that have high explosion risks. With the static electricity conductive bar (resistance 10⁴ Ohm) the arm has been approved for areas with high explosion risks: ATEX zones 1/21 and 2/22, ATEX: EX II 2D/G.
  • The metal parts are galvanized for higher resistance against humidity and aggressive substances.
  • The nozzle is made out of high gloss polished stainless steel (V4A). A stainless steel shut-off valve is available as an accessory.
  • The ends of the hoses are closed for maximum hygiene.
  • The Super-PM can be sterilized in an autoclave.
  • Perfectly balanced: the external parallelogram support with gas springs allows the nozzle to move smoothly without losing stability.
  • Available in diameters Ø 110 mm. and Ø 160 mm. With different extraction nozzles.

Product leaflet Plymoth Super-PM ATEX