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Explosion safe Sult Cartridge Filter FLC

Filter type  FLC 1-2L FLC 1-2
Air volume (m³/h) tot 2,000 tot 2,000
Filter surface (m²) 42 42
Number of filter cartridges 2 2
Fan Power (kW) 2,2 5,5
Weight (kg) 365 375


Filter type FLC 2-4L FLC 2-4 FLC 2-4F FLC 2-4HP
Air volume (m³/h) 1,000-4,000 1,000-4,000 1,000-4,000 1,000-4,000
Filter surface (m²) 84 84 84 84
Number of filter cartridges 4 4 4 4
Fan Power (kW) 3,0 4,0 5,5 7,5
Weight (kg) 460 490 500 520


Filter type FLC 3-6L FLC 3-6 FLC 3-6HP
Air volume (m³/h) 1,500-6,000 1,500-6,000 1,500-6,000
Filter surface (m²) 126 126 126
Number of filter cartridges 6 6 6
Fan Power (kW) 5,5 7,5 15
Weight (kg) 660 700 690


Filter type FLC 3-9 FLC 3-9F
Air volume (m³/h) 3,800-7,500 3,800-7,500
Filter surface m² 189 189
Number of filter cartridges 9 9
Fan Power (kW) 11 15
Weight (kg) 820 820

*) indication: Dust level < 0,5 g/m2 • Air intake can be right or left • Color: Standard in RAL 5010 (blauw)


Sult Cartridge Filter FLC

The Sult industrial filter installations are suitable for dust extraction of a wide range of dry fabric types such as welding fume, dust from cutting, dust from grinding, wood dust, paper dust, synthetic dust etc. the supply program also includes a special E-series stainless steel filter construction for the chemical and food industry. The Sult filter systems can be used across a large number of sectors.

Automatically cleaned cartridge filter Sult® FLMD/FLGD
An industrial dust collector with fully automatic cartridge cleaning by means of compressed air pulses. The filter casing is made out of 3 mm welded sheet steel, finished with a RAL 500 blue color.

  • Filter box with built-in cartridges. Different cartridges available for every type of dust-related problem.
  • Inspection door for the compressed air cleaning valve and the cartridges.
  • Contamination free fast changing system for the cartridges.
  • Compressed air cleaning system for filter cartridges with compressed air tank, magnetic valves and magnetic valves and reed valves.
  • Switch cabinet for pressure-dependent or time-dependent cleaning of the cartridges with programmable cleaning internal and cleaning time, post-cleaning, Δp max, Δp min, Δp alarm. Etc. Including readable pressure difference.
  • Complete cabling of the magnetic valves.
  • Single inlet centrifugal fan made out of seamed sheet steel, equipped with directly linked, fully closed electric engine.
  • Silencing case. This is installed on top of the filter over the fan. Equipped with sound-absorbing material on the inside.
  • Flange connection for intake and exhaust.
  • Dust collection funnel and dust tube content 35 ltr.

Product leaflet Sult Cartridge Filter FLC