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Extraction unit Wall-mounted Laboratories Fume Stationary Filter


Art. Nr. WF-Eco Jet Pulse 0.75kW
P-549H WF-Eco Jet Pulse HEPA Wall filter 0.75kW, 1-Phase, 230V, 50Hz. Without extraction arm
P-547H WF-Eco Jet Pulse HEPA Wall filter 0.75kW, 3-Phase, 230V, 50Hz. Without extraction arm
P-051 Flexi Extraction arm 1.5 m, suspended version
P-052 Flexi Extraction arm 2 m, suspended version
P-053 Flexi Extraction arm 3 m, suspended version
P-541 Fine Filter Polyester
P-553 Adapter for HEPA Filter
P-554 HEPA filter 23m2
P-557 Blow out valve Ø 250mm

Extraction unit Wall-mounted Laboratories Fumes Stationary Filter

The WF-Eco filter is designed for use in combination with the Flexi extraction arms. With a filter efficiency of up to 99.9%, the WF-Eco is suitable for filtering fumes and dusts in laboratories. The clean air is recirculated in the laboratory without heat loss.


Filtration takes place in two steps; pre-separation of coarse particles and filtration of fine particles with a replaceable filter cartridge. Replacement is easy and only takes a few minutes by means of the access panel on the front.


When the filter becomes saturated, the WF-ECO is connected to a compressed air connection, for this purpose a compressed air hose is supplied. The cleaning takes a few minutes; the filter is blown clean from the inside and the dust is collected in a drawer which can be easily emptied.  The filter is again ready for use and delivers its maximum performance.


The WF-Eco for laboratories is made of powder-coated sheet steel with a strong wall bracket. The Flexi extraction arms (1.5-2-3mtr.) can be mounted directly underneath. Longer extraction arms must be mounted under the WF-Eco and connected to it. The WF-Eco can also be connected to a central extraction system.


The dimensions are: 485 x 1000 x 485 mm. (hxwxd). The weight: 70 kg.

The air volume is 1000 m3/h

The noise level is 65 dB

Filter area is 14m2