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Laboratories DC Aircube 2000


Specifications DC Aircube 2000
HxWxL mm 1019 x 512 x 547
Mass 25 kg
Max energy usage 505 W, 230 V
Max air stream 1800 m³/ hour
Surface prefilter 0.7 m²
Collection effiency HEPA filter H13 99.995%
Surface HEPA filter 10 m²
Sound level low-high 62-74 dB


DC Aircube Air cleaners

The air cleaners are intended to filter suspended particles in spaces and are used for e.g. indoor renovations. The air is sucked in and filtered through a prefilter and a Microfilter/HEPA H13 filter with very high filtration efficiency of > 99.995 % .

If desired, a hose can be connected to the intake or exhaust so the filtered are is blown out outside of the space. Through this method the work space will get in under pressure and the airstream will always be drawn towards the polluted space. Because of this, the Aircube can be placed outside of inside the polluted space.

The machine is stable, strong, reliable and ready for immediate use for e.g. construction activities or in the food industry. In short all (working) spaces where suspended particles might arise.

Product Leaflet Dustcontrol DC Aircube
User manual, parts and drawing
Dustcontrol DC Aircube