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Metal DC Tromb Twin

Specifications DC Tromb 400 Twin
HxWxL mm 1390 x 560 x 1260
Mass 78 kg
Intake / Exhaust Ø 76 mm
Hose length 5-25 m
Max under pressure 25 kPa
Max air flow 365 m³/hour
Power 3000 W, 230 V
Surface fine filter 2.5 m²
Collection efficiency fine filter 99.9%
Collection efficiency HEPA filter H13 99.995%
Surface HEPA filter 2.2 m²
Collection capacity 40 L
Sound level 70 dB (A)


DC Tromb Twin, the vacuum cleaner with integrated pre-separator

The DC Tromb Twin is a portable but very powerful vacuum cleaner suitable for large amounts of dust thanks to its integrated pre-separator. It is particularly suitable for grinding concrete and milling floor heating systems because 80-90% of the coarse material is separated in the pre-separator. The remaining dust goes to the filter cyclone.

the DC Tromb Twin is a flexible machine as it is powerful enough for most applications yet can be easily moved and transported. The air displacement capacity is suitable for concrete floor grinders with diamond discs up to 500 mm/20″ in diameter.

Dust collection in the filter unit occurs in two pathways. Through the cyclone action of the filter unit, the dust particles with a particle size of at least 10 μm. are separated. Then the dust is filtered through a cartridge filter. The remaining very fine dust, if any, is separated using a Hepa H13 filter with a dust separation efficiency of 99.997% .

The filter unit is automatically cleaned by the so-called reverse-pulse system. The conical shape of the filters and this highly effective cleaning method guarantee a long filter life. The separated material is collected in a steel container. The filters can be changed dust-free.