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Mobile Welding Fume Extractor Metal Odour Compressed air Cleaned 230V 1.1 kW

Art. Nr. MF Eco Jet Pulse 230V 1.1 kW
P-540A-1 MF Eco Jet Pulse incl. 3 mtr. arm & Active Carbon Filter
P-540TA-1 MF Eco Jet Pulse incl. 2 pieces 3 mtr. Arm & Active Carbon Filter
P-540AH-1 MF Eco Jet Pulse incl. 3 mtr. Arm with Active Carbon Filter & HEPA 13 Filter


Art. Nr. Accessories
P-541 Replacement filter MF Eco Jet Pulse
AK-002 Active Carbon Filter 12kg Eco Jet Pulse
P-003 Extraction arm 3 mtr
P-544 HEPA Filter Eco Jet Pulse

Mobile welding fume extractor Metal Odour Compressed air Cleaned 230V 0.75 – 1.1 kW

Mobile extractor MF with Active Coal Filter

The MF Eco Jet-Pulse is a mobile extractor with replaceable filter cartridge for extraction of dust and fumes with odors in the metal industry. An affordable, versatile and flexible extraction unit that can be moved between different workplaces; a practical solution for your workplace.

MF-Eco Jet Pulse is equipped with filter cartridge, built-in Jet Pulse cleaning system and aluminium impeller. No expensive replacement filters needed! More than 1,000 m³/hour through the hood. The economical solution for light welding fumes and dust.

Eco Jet-Pulse cleaned filter cartridge

When the filter becomes saturated, the MF-Eco is connected to a compressed air connection. For this purpose, a compressed air hose is supplied. The cleaning takes a few minutes; the filter is blown clean from the inside and the dust is collected in a drawer which can be easily emptied. The filter is ready for use again and delivers its maximum performance.

Flexible and economical

The MF for the metal industry is robustly constructed in powder-coated sheet steel and easy to move at the handles due to the smooth-running ball bearing wheels (two swivel castors with brake and two

swivel castors with brake).

bogwheels). The MF can be equipped with the flexible Flexi extraction arms in 1.5, 2 or 3 meters


The dimensions are: 990 x 570 x 670 mm (hxwxd)

Weight: 63 kg (without extraction arm)

MF Eco Jet-Pulse with activated carbon filter

The filter efficiency of the standard filter cartridge is 99.9%. The MF Eco Jet-Pulse Active Carbon is equipped with an Active Carbon filter for the filtration of fumes and odors. The clean air is recirculated without heat loss.


The MF Eco Jet-Pulse Active Carbon can also be expanded with a HEPA 13 Filter for fine dust with a filtration degree of 99.995%`


MF Twin

The MF Eco Jet-Pulse Twin is equipped with two extraction arms. Due to the fact that the airflow per arm is strongly reduced, it is advisable to use an MF Eco Jet-Pulse 1.1 kW with two extraction arms.

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