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Stationary Welding Vapour Suction Laboratories Dust 1.1kW

Art. Nr. CF Eco Jet Pulse
P-560H CF-Eco HEPA – 1.1kW/1Phase/230V/50Hz
P-561H CF-Eco HEPA – 1.1kW/3Phase/400V/50Hz
P-541 Polyester fine filter
P-544 HEPA Filter
AK-002 Active Carbon Filter

Stationary Welding Vapour Suction Laboratories Dust 1.1kW


The CF-Eco HEPA filter is designed for use in combination with the Flexi extraction arms. With a filter efficiency of up to 99.9%, the CF-Eco HEPA is suitable for the filtration of fine dusts in laboratories. The clean air is recirculated in the laboratory without heat loss.

HEPA filter

CF-Eco HEPA is equipped with a HEPA filter with a filtration degree of 99.995% for stainless steel welding/soldering.

Replaceable filter cartridge

Filtration takes place in two steps; pre-separation of coarse particles and filtration of fine particles with a replaceable filter cartridge. Replacement is easy

and only takes a few minutes because of the front access panel. The remaining very fine dust is separated by a HEPA filter.

A compact total solution

The CF-Eco for laboratories is made of powder coated sheet steel. The suction is at the top of the cabinet. The CF-Eco can be connected to a central extraction system.

The dimensions are: 1305mm x 500 x 595 mm. (hxwxd).

Weight: 85 kg.

The air volume is 2000 m3/h

The noise level is 70 dB

Filter area is 14m2

Jet-Pulse filter cleaning

The Jet-Pulse filter cleaning ensures that the extraction remains optimal. Filter cleaning cleans the cartridge in a few minutes. After cleaning, the tray in the unit can be emptied, and the CF-Eco HEPA is ready for use again.

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