DPF cleaning machine for Catalyst cleaning

DPF Cleaning Machine for Catalysts and Turbos  for sustainable cleaning.

Modern diesel engines are equipped with Diesel Particle Filter, in short DPF or regularly called a soot filter. Soot filters ensure the filtering of particles that are released during the combustion process of a diesel engine. The soot is a sign of incomplete combustion. The soot filter ensures that these harmful diesel exhaust emissions are reduced to a minimum. But practice, these new technologies increasingly lead to new problems like warnings and malfunctions. Every diesel car will have to deal with this sooner or later.

Dust Solutions is the supplier of unique DPF Cleaning machines for Catalysts and Turbos in one. For standard or customized lean cleaning solutions.  Our cleaning experts have developed a machine specifically for cleaning Catalysts. Catalytic converters become contaminated by heavy use and are replaced and disposed of when saturated.

Thanks to our new DPF Catalyst series, this is no longer necessary. This specialized cleaning machine rinses your catalyst under high pressure with water and a special cleaning detergent. This detergent does not affect the precious metals inside the catalyst! After cleaning, the Catalyst is flushed with clean water and fried with a blower. The DPF can then also be placed under the vehicle immediately after cleaning. This method of cleaning saves a lot of time, works efficiently and above all saves many costs.

Are you looking for a sustainable cleaning method for your catalytic converters or those for your clients and saves money? Then you came to the right place.

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We also supply the associated environmentally friendly cleaning fluids and accessories. You can also count on our service, even after the machine has been installed.

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