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Cleaning machines for the industrial use and the automotive industry – optimal and efficient cleaning

The Dust Solutions cleaning machines were developed to clean, degrease, rinse and dry parts of varying geometry, blind holes and through-holes, milling and turning etc. Have a look at our range of cleaning machines. For companies that see manually cleaning machine parts as an unnecessarily time-consuming job, a cleaning machine is the perfect solution. Dust Solutions has manual washers, front loaders and top loaders in its range, which allows us to offer a full range of cleaning machines. With the Dust Solutions industrial cleaning you can choose the most efficient cleaning process.

Dust Solutions offers a full range of cleaning machines and installations and all types of cleaning liquids for the different cleaning machines. These are all biodegradable.

In short, if you are looking for an industrial cleaning machine that will save you lots of time and money, choose the Dust Solutions spray cleaning machines.

DS Catalyst Cleaning Machine for Catalysts and Turbos

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Reinigingsmachine katalysator

DPF Cleaner Catalyst 200

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Manual washers


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