Source extraction

Why source extraction?

Source extraction is one of the best systems for cleaning the air. For more than 15 years, Dust Solutions has developed and improved source extraction by collecting, filtering and recycling airborne hazardous substances at source. Head office, R&D and warehouse are located in Zwolle Netherlands. Dust Solutions extraction arms and extraction cranes are lightweight, robust and very flexible due to the use of a unique mechanism (parallelogram)


The high environmental awareness combined with the powerful legislation has been the motor for the development of high-quality extraction. A good working environment means healthier staff. And safer and better production quality, and efficiency. Companies with a good healthy working environment offer an attractive working area. Healthy employees are evident for good and healthy production.
The Dust extraction from Dust Solutions contributes to lower energy consumption in the production process, emission reduction for your company and a lower impact on the environment.

Explosion proof

Dust Solutions also supplies extraction arms for an explosion-proof environment or ATEX. These extraction arms are suitable for all zones and ensure safe source extraction when there is a risk of explosion.

Extractor arm or Extractor crane

Our low vacuum products are extremely suitable for extracting welding vapor, welding fumes, fine dust and odors. We have a variety of mobile and stationary extraction units for every application. The range of extraction arms is very spacious to offer you a tailor-made extraction system. If the arm is too short, choose our extraction crane comined with an extraction arm. The oil mist extraction type NX and FLX ensures that your oil mist is extracted at the source. This prevents contamination of your workspot and ensures clean air.

We sell, engineer and assemble complete extraction installations and filter installations for every application. Dust Solutions is your supplier for healthy air at every workspot.

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Extraction arm

Extraction arm source extraction

Extraction arm ATEX

Extraction arm ATEX in case of explosion risk

Extraction arms Gas

Source extraction