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Dust extraction in construction

The processing of various materials in the construction industry releases problematic or hazardous dust. The employer has to take measures to reduce the exposure to dust to an acceptable level. The best measure is to ensure as little dust as possible is created or that the dust is sucked away from as close as possible to the source. Dust is an generic term for all types of particulates that can be easily carried by regular air flow.
Some types of dust, such as quartz dust, hardwood dust or asbestos are injurious to health when wrong or insufficient measures are taken. There is always dust in the air around us, whether visible or invisible. Dust can consist of solid particles. If they result from combustion, we call them smoke. Liquid particles that float in the air are called mist.
The legal threshold limit value (TLV) for quartz dust and hard wood has been set to 0.075m/h³.

Construction Vacuums

Dust Solutions offers Dustcontrol mobile dust extractors for source suction and cleaning of construction sites. Dustcontrol mobile dust extractors differentiate themselves by low maintenance cost, cyclone systems and standard HEPA 13 filters (collection efficiency 99.995%).
Dustcontrol dust extractors adhere to the strict ARBO (Dutch health and safety) requirements and carry the TNO A-label. This means all our dust extractors can be connected to any extractor hood or machine.

Aircube Aircleaners

When buildings are demolished or renovated, it creates a lot of suspended particles. Dustcontrol air cleaners are the way to collect these. These units filters the air and blow the circulated air back into the room. The returning air has then been filtered by a HEPA 13 absolute filter, which is easy to clean. The Dustcontrol air cleaners adhere to the strict ARBO (Dutch Health & Safety) requirements.

Extractor hoods for source extraction for electrical hand tools

Extractor hoods are the key to a well-functioning extraction system. The hood has to be light weight, have the right design, be user friendly and be effective in collecting dust. Dust Solutions has an extraction hood for each job and virtually every brand and type of tool. We offer extractor hoods for all electrical tool brands and adhere to the strictest ARBO (Dutch Health & Safety) requirements.
Dust Solutions has an extractor hood for every job and every brand.