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When large quantities of material have to be extracted, it is advisable to use a pre-separator. The pre-separator can be placed at the workplace with a mobile extractor or in combination with the central unit.
If a pre-separator is to be used, the following should be taken into account:

1. Type of dust to be extracted
2. Where to place the unit and how to empty it.
3. Expected airflow.

Pre separators can be used in all applications where the extracted material is coarse or bulky.

Pre separators separate material from the air stream using a cyclone or inertial separation. Inertial separators are generally configured as containers with the inlet and outlet in the same wall of the container. When the airflow changes direction abruptly, separation takes place for the particles with a higher relative mass.

When pre-separation is used to accommodate larger material volumes, it is also important to consider the type of material discharge to be used. Dust Solutions offers a range of different standard options including; screw compaction, airlocks or container collection.

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