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Automotive DC 3900c eco

Specifications DC 3900c eco
HxWxL mm 1535 (1210) x 600 x 790
Mass 35 kg
Intake / Exhaust Ø 50 mm
Hose length 5-20 m (Ø50)
Max under pressure 25 kPa
Max air flow 320 m³/ hour
Power 2600 W, 230 V
Surface fine filter 1.8 m²
Collection Efficiency fine filter 99.9 %
Collection Efficiency HEPA filter H13 99.995%
Surface HEPA filter 1.5 m²
Collection capacity 40 L
Sound level 69 dB (A)

DC 3900c eco mobile dust extractor with synthetic bag

Powerful mobile dust extractor designed for source suction and cleaning in heavy conditions in the automotive industry. Also suitable for extraction of substances that can present a health hazard.

The dust extraction in the filter unit happens in two phases. Because of the filter unit cyclone the dust particles that are at least 10 µm. in size are extracted. The dust is then filtered by a cartridge filter. The remaining very fine dust, if still present, will be extracted with the help of a micro filter (HEPA13) with 99.995% dust collecting efficiency.

The filter unit can be cleaned manually through the so-called reverse-pulse system. The conical shape of the filter and the highly effective cleaning method guarantee a long life span for the collector and long lasting maximal suction power. The extracted material is collected in a synthetic bag underneath the unit. The bag and the filters can be changed dust free.

The cyclone height can be adjusted, De cycloon is in hoogte verstelbaar, hierdoor is de stofzuiger makkelijk te vervoeren.

Equipped with the new eco technology, which makes for lower energy usage and higher efficiency.

Product leaflet Dustcontrol DC 3900c eco
User manual, parts and drawing
Dustcontrol DC 3900