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Aviation Plymoth Oil Mist filter NX

Description Content Item no.
NX-1000 (10m²) 1,1 kW fan 1,000m³ P-259
NX-1000 (10m²) without fan 1,000m³ P-624
NX-2000 (12 + 10m²) 2,2 kW fan 2,000m³ P-260
NX-2000 (12 + 10m²) without fan 2,000m³ P-631
NX-4000 (20 + 16m²) 4 kW fan 4,000m³ P-261
NX-4000 (20 + 16m²) without fan 4,000m³ P-633
NX-6000 (30 + 24m²) 3 x 2,2 kW fans 6,000m³ P-636
NX-6000 (30 + 24m²) without fans 6,000m³ P-635
NX-8000 (42 + 30m²) 3 x 4 kW fans 8,000m³ P-640
NX-8000 (42 + 30m²) without fans 8,000m³ P-639


Accessories Item no.
Hepa filter voor de NX-1000/2000/6000 22 m² P-264
Hepa filter voor de NX-4000/8000 44 m² P-266
Filter cassette 10m²  NX-2000/6000 (bottom) EU-5 P-318
Filter cassette 8m² NX-2000/6000 (2nd from the bottom) EU-5/9 P-319
Filter cassette 21m² NX-4000/8000 (bottom) EU-5 P-320
Filter cassette 15m² NX-4000/8000 (top) EU-9 P-321



Oil and emulsion mist extraction NX-1000/2000/4000/6000/8000

Oil and emulsion filter
The NX mechanical oil mist filter is designed to extract oil and emulsion mist that arises when turning, drilling, sawing, punching, cutting etc. Your workshop will stay free of oil mist so the work space stays cleaner and healthier. With the HEPA filter (accessory) the filtration efficiency goes up to over 99.99% . The air can be recirculated safely which leads to a significant decrease in heating costs.

Complete unit
The NX is a complete unit, made of powder coated sheet steel including filter cassettes, fan and on/off engine safety switch. Intake with connection flange, which can be left or right, depending on your preference, with a cover for the intake that is not being used. Oil drain pipe with 1” male thread. Access panel with handle and quick-action clamp on the front.

Cleanable filter cassettes
The NX oil mist filters are equipped with self-draining, cleanable filter cassettes. These are equipped with a fiberglass filter medium with aluminum separators. With a manometer for every filter cassette it is easy to check when it is time to clean or change a filter. The HEPA filter is not cleanable.

The NX 1000 (discharge ca. 1,000 m³/h.) is for 1-2 machines. Dimensions: 1800x640x750mm. (hxwxl). Weight: 110 kg.
The NX 2000 (discharge ca. 2,000 m³/h.) is for 1-4 machines. Dimensions: 1800x640x750mm. (hxwxl). Weight: 130 kg.
The NX 4000 (discharge ca. 4,000 m³/h.) is for 1-8 machines. Dimensions: 1800x800x900mm. (hxwxl). Weight: 160 kg.
The NX 6000 (discharge ca. 6,000 m³/h.) is for 10 machines. Dimensions: 2100x2100x750mm. (hxwxl).
The NX 8000 (discharge ca. 8,000 m³/h.) is for 12 machines. Dimensions: 2100x2100x900mm. (hxwxl).

Collected liquid
The collected liquid is drained through a pipe in the bottom at the front of the FLX filter and can be returned to the machine tool through a hose. This way you also save on cooling agent and lubricant.

Product leaflet Plymoth Metal Oil mist filter NX