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Exhaust unit Wall model Standard Food Industry


Type. Art. Nr Art. Nr. 160mm Art. Nr. 200mm
Wall-Flex filter with 14 m2 filter cartridge P-026
Fan P-Max 2100 TURBO / 0.75 kW / 3-phase P-013
Fan P-Max 2100 TURBO / 0.75 kW / 1-phase 230V P-015
Replacement filter cartridge 14 m2 P-160
Holder for activated carbon filter mat P-107
Activated carbon filter mat for the Wall-Flex (per 10 pieces) P-107
Flexi extraction arm 1.5 m including wall mounting P-006 P-142
Flexi extraction arm 2 m including wall mounting P-007 P-143
Flexi extraction arm 3 m including wall mounting P-008 P-144
Flexi extraction arm 1.5 m, flange mounting P-051 P-056
Flexi extraction arm 2 m, flange mounting P-052 P-057
Flexi extraction arm 2 m, flange mounting P-053 P-058

Exhaust unit Wall model Standard Food Industry

An extraction arm must extract fumes, gases and dust directly at the source before they are inhaled or can spread through the room. This creates a better and healthy working environment, there is less wear and tear on the machines and cleaning costs will be reduced. A prerequisite is that the extraction arm is light and easy to use. Plymoth is the best choice for this.

Dust and fumes

The Wall-Flex filter is designed for use in the food industry in combination with the Flexi extraction arms. With a filter efficiency of up to 99.9%, the Wall Flex is suitable for filtering, for example, welding fumes, grinding dust, etc. The clean air is recirculated into the room without heat loss.

Replaceable filter cartridge

The filtration takes place in two steps; pre-separation of coarse particles and filtration of fine particles with a replaceable filter cartridge. Replacement is easy and only takes a few minutes because of the front access panel. An activated carbon filter for reducing gases is available as an accessory.

A compact all-in-one solution

The Wall-Flex for the food industry is made of powder coated sheet steel with a strong wall bracket. The fan can be mounted directly on top of the Wall-Flex and the Flexi extraction arms (1.5-5 mtr.) can be mounted directly below it. Longer extraction arms must be mounted under the Wall-Flex and connected to the air. The Wall-Flex can also be connected to a central extraction system. The dimensions are 540 x 470 x 635 mm. (hxwxd). The weight: 40 kg. (without fan). The dimensions are: 870 x 500 x 700 mm.

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